InAEA 2009 January Meeting Minutes

InAEA 2009 January meeting InAEA 2009 January meeting (2) InAEA 2009 January meeting (3)



Member present: Marylou Goldrosen, Ozma Malibu, Lexee Tharnaby, and Kristy Handrick


1. NAEA Minneapolis convention early bird registration expires on March 6.

2. If you have a place in Second Life is about art education or you would like to share with all art educators, please let me know, I will post it on our website.!.aspx

3. I am trying to collect all kinds of visual culture from around the world. And trying to put on our website. If you would like to share some interesting visual culture you know or you belong to, or you would like to help me collect all these kind of visual culture date, please let me know. I hope I can build up a data base that include all kinds of visual culture around the world to help art educators easily find images from different cultural background.

4. Our website is updating almost every week. Hope by visiting this website can give you some more impetus about cultural differences and similarities. If you have any suggestion about the website or this group, please feel free to contact with me at anytime. Thank you.


It is my honor to have Dr. Marylou Goldrosen lead our discussion this time. We all introduced our research interests. Dr. Marylou Goldrosen and Ozma Malibu’s research is about apply Second Life and other emerging technologies in education. Osma is a researcher in educational technology at ASU, do K-12 and higher education research, also outreach to special education , migrant children, other groups without access, and try to find ways to integrate emerging technology. She did all the tech work for the FLoaters Commons as well, and her dissertation about FLoaters–Homeless art website first. Lexee Tharnaby  teaches high school photo and wants to do an exchange with a foreign high school. And Kristy’s dissertation is about revealing the hidden curriculum of images in the 3D visualized virtual world which had been taken as educational environment—from visual culture perspective.

We also have a discussion in the museum about the environment and their art works.

Field trip: The Second Louvre Museum,

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