Stain in the Junk Street ガラクタ通りのステイン

Mr. Stain, also known as Ga-Ra-Ku-Ta: Mr. Stain on Junk Alley (ガラクタ通りのステイン Garakuta-dori no Sutein), is a digital computer (CGI) anime series created and directed by Ryuji Masuda. The producer of the show is Shunsuke Koga and the characters are designed by Wakako Masuda. The series involves surreal adventures centered on characters living in a junk-filled alley.The episodes are short, with a duration of about seven minutes, and start with Mr. Stain finding an object. The name of the episodes are the same as the items that Stain (or Palvan) finds. There is no dialogue, just music and sound effects, similar to the old Looney Tunes cartoons. Each episode’s ending credits show the characters who appeared along with their names in English, followed by a segment of everyone dancing and having fun. From Wikipedia

More about it:
Japanese website
About the artist  Ryuji Masuda in Japanese

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