Pat et Stanley (Kinder Happy Hippo)



(Different songs with almost the same animation gives us totally different feelings, isn’t it? Respond to the commend from The Pink Panther)

Pat et Stanley (Pat and Stanley) is an animated show that appears as part of the children’s television program TFou (TF! Jeunesse (TF! Youth) is a French children’s television program. It launched on September 1, 1997, replacing Club Dorothée. The program was renamed TFOU in 2007.) on the French network TF1. Animated by Pierre Coffin, Pat the hippopotamus and Stan the dog have appeared in 362 short episodes as well as the 26 minute movie Pat et Stanley: Le Trésor de Pit et Mortimer (Pat and Stanley: The Treasure of Pit and Mortimer, 2006). Outside of France, the duo are most famous for the Kinder Happy Hippo commercial in which Pat is seen singing “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.” They also appear re-voiced in English on 4Kids TV in the United States and its produce by DreamWorks Animation SKG. (From Wikipedia)

Pat et Stanley official website (in French)

Pierre Coffin’s home page (In English, the Pings is made by him too.)

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