Pucca 뿌까

Pucca (뿌까 [‘pˤukˤa] in Korean) is a media franchise from the South Korean company Vooz Co., Ltd. and currently distributed in the US by The Walt Disney Company.

The characters are quite popular in Europe and Asia, with TV animation in cartoon channels in Europe, Central and South America. These animations were compiled into a DVD, available in Germany. A UK children’s book publisher (Hodder’s) has also published a series of Pucca children’s books. Pucca has also attained a small, but dedicated, cult following in the U.S. after its release on television through Disney and products featured in “Morning Glory” stationary stores across America, mainly in large malls. The UK also has pencil cases/tins, which have become quite popular, stationery items, and notebooks/diaries. In Israel, a Pucca-branded snack was launched on May, 2006. (From Wikipedia)



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