InSEA Newsletter

Dear all,

I got an email from InSEA. Which is about InSEA Newsletter.

Please see below for more information.


Dear InSEA Members

It gives me great pleasure to send you information on our next issue of the InSEA Newsletter.

You can find the newsletter at:

You may also find the newsletter by going to the InSEA Website and clicking the newsletter hyperlink at the top of the page:

Many thanks for Marjorie Manifold and Enid Zimmerman for their excellent work in compiling this newsletter.  If you would like to contribute any information to the next newsletter, please feel free to contact one of the editors:

Marjorie Manifold <>
Enid Zimmerman <>

And while I am writing to all of you, let me take this opportunity and wish each and everyone of you a wonderful holiday season and a new year filled with peace, prosperity and good health.

With best wishes,

Rita L. Irwin
InSEA President

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