InAEA 2008 December Meeting Minutes

Member present: Liliann Ling, Marylou Goldrosen, Magdalena Easterwood, and Kristy Handrick

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1. NAEA early bird registration already started! If you are interested to participate in NAEA conference, you may check it out at 
2. If you have any thing about art education that you would like to announce on the web, please contact with me and I will post it on our website! 
3. If you have any suggestion about this group or our website, please let me know. Let’s make InAEA become a better place for us.
4. Also, if you need any information about art education in SL, I will do my best to give the information you need.

Discussion topic: should we still teach traditional art skills and principles when we are in this technology era?

We can do both! This format…this technology is, in a way, a new kind of pencil but far more complicated.
It’s not fair to our kids not to have more exposure to using computers and internet. And it’s really a sin…have to fight traditional classes to use computers. And this opens up ..this SL approach.. the building…what a wild new world of imagination! but it is still only a part of it all. Still need elements and principles, history
I think for art teaching the most important thing souldn’t be the skill… either old or new.
Elements & Principles can always be part of another lesson. How to use SL to teach art appreciation and Art History is what I am after now!
Technology is only part of the skill… that we can teach to our students… I think we still need to teach traditional media… kids need to practice their hands… in some way, I also think technology tools such “painter” can do the same thing as what I do my oil paintings… I make 3D sculpture in SL as what I do in Rl…
I think we should jump out of the thinking on teaching media
Is there any necessarily to teach traditional skills? I strongly believe there is. but that a new balance must be sought. We must also keep our traditions–we could blend them.
Magdalena Easterwood took the concept of the “prims” to my children. That language of form became a way of their seeing from 2-D to 3-D. And they could use the age old concept of building complexity from the basic shapes. I provided them with a toybox to actually build with. give as many basic shapes a s possible…start with building blocks simple, but start with blocks, add other forms like the prims. They can build in the public Sandbox and make the forms in RL join and link to create.
the biggest difference from making art in RL and through technology is in RL I need to control my whole body to make an art, but in technology tools, only fingers… the feeling about making art are different… I feel that younger kids need to practice about how to control their body… and objects, real things they can touch.

Field trip: FLoaters–NonProfit Island

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