InAEA Third meeting minutes

Tuesday, November 27, 2007, 6:14:43 AM | Kristy Meeting time: June 4, 2007 Member present: Artsie McMillan, Roberto Basevi, Rain Winkler, Kristy Handrick
Topic 1: Announcement: 1. We have 19 members now. If anyone knows someone is interested in art education in SL, please invite them. In InAEA, all the members is allowed to invite people to this group. 2. In the end of July, I will build up the InAEA wiki. And, also in the end of July I will try to buy a land in-world. Welcome any amounts of donation. 3. All the meeting minutes can be found in group notice, I will try to finish up the group meeting minutes within one week. 4. About the field trip, if anyone found any good places, and want to share, please let me know, thank you.
Topic 2: What do you think about Art education in Second LifeXpossibilities & Difficulties 1. is being able to give students the museum experience a. elementary school students they can’t get in SL 2. to allow students to visit artists studios and exhibits 3. SL is a art place a. the first thing is making self portrait b. great to make 3D stuff c. scripts 4. to teach art in SL for college students is a nice thing a. They try to learn here.. Make here.. and have a show here b. staying in SL through out the whole process c. learning by doing
Topic 3: To make a web site/blog / wiki that can discuss on line post the meeting time and promote this group to people have never been in SL
Topic 4: Next topic & meeting time and place: July 2nd, 6:00PM PDT. At Glidden campus.
Topic 5: Field trip~ Virtual Starry Night – Vincent’s, Luctesa (134, 213, 74) It is a really cool museum, if you have time, please come to visit~ 😉

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