InAEA Second meeting minutes

Tuesday, November 27, 2007, 6:14:15 AM | Kristy Meeting Time: May 23, 2007. 6:00 PDT Member present: Cate Ceawlin, Aargh Slade, EXB Allen, BloomingMind Loon, Marvel Recreant. Kristy Handrick
Topic 1: Meeting Date and time
Wed. is the time SL upgrade, Weekly meeting is too often. Therefore, Meeting become monthly, and chenge into Monday. The first monday in every month will be our meeting day~
Topic 2: suggestions for this group EXB Allen: maybe we can go to visiot other lands together — have a group adventure! This is really a great idea, I (Kristy) think if anyone find any interesting place want to take other members to, please let me know before the meeting. We can have our trips at the end of the meeting.
Topic 3: do we need agenda for meeting or not YES, so, if you have anything want to discuss, please let me know before meeting.
Topic 4. McGuire Art Gallery Field Trip
NEXT MEETING TIME: June 4 (Mon.), 6:00 PDT
Everything is negotiable in this group! If you have any thought, please let me know~ I will try to get a land and a house before the end of this summer. My goal of this group is not for my own research or interests, but is to give a environment that all the art educators or people interested in art education can have a place to talk, to think, and to discuess together. So, if you have any friend want to join us, please invite them or let me know~

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