InAEA Fourth meeting minutes

Meeting time: July, 2nd, 2007 Member present: Diahne Lane, Kristy Handrick
Announcement: I am going to buy a land in these days, and the land will be our InAEA meeting place in the future. (Start from next month.) In my plan, I will have a sky gallery that everyone in the group can have a show there. Besides the meeting time, the meeting place is our Art educators lounge. All the members can come to relax and talk or visit the gallery~ I will also put all the information about this group or art education information in RL in the lounge. If you have anything you want to share, please contact with me. After I done with the land and building, I will start to make a wiki page in Second Life Wiki. I will also post all the information about our group or group meeting minutes in that page.

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