InAEA Fifth meeting minutes

Meeting time: September 3rd, 2007
Member present: Zbornak Docherty, Austin Sands, Jezebel Gibbs, Kristy Handrick
1.I am sorry to everyone in this group! I didnt know that if I publish our group land in search that everyone has to pay part of it. Now I just changed it. From now on, no one needs to pay that besides owners. If anyone wants to take that money back, just tell me the amount that you think you should get, I will give the money back to you. Really sorry about this.
2.We got our permanent meeting place from now! This meeting place is not only for our group meeting, if you need a place for any meeting, you are welcome to come here to use this place at anytime. Dont forget to make a landmark here before you left, or you can set your home here. Please tell me what you think about this place, and how can I make this place better~ (I am thinking about rebuild the house, it does not look like art people meeting place. If you have any idea about it, please tell me, thank you 🙂 )
3.Thank you for someone who donates 51 sq. meters land for our group. However, I have no idea how to use that land yet. I will try to figure it out soon. And Thank you again.
4.We have our wiki now, I will put all our meeting minutes in the discussion section. So, if you didnt join the meeting, you can use your user name and password in SL to log in SL wiki in order to give us your opinion.
5.The InAEA sky gallery will be the gallery for our field trip today. Hope everyone can give me some advice about this gallery. Also, if you want to have your show here, please tell me, you are welcome to have your show here!
6.I want to restate that even though I am a doctoral student and my dissertation might relate to Second Life, but this group is not for my own purpose. I just want to provide a virtual environment that all art educators around the world have a space to talk about art education or related subject. Therefore the website of InAEA will be established one day. At that time, we will have a better interface for post meeting minutes and an easier discussion board. (I might have time to do this in my winter vacation.)
7.Finally, after SL got voice, what kind of meeting do you want for our group have? Does anyone want to try the voice meeting? Or we just stay as the Regular (text-based) meeting?

1.prominent artist or art educator you might invite as a guest lecturer who could draw people back?
2.once the website is up, that would be a great place for announcements and such.
3.Maybe advertise at some of the galleries? (Dresden Gallery)
4.There’s also a blog, the Second Life Insider. Maybe they’d do an interview with you, and generate interest that way? They’re always doing profiles on established and new SL members.
5.I think you should better define your meetings, sometimes you could talk about the instructional aspect of art… and other just talk about some pieces
6.There is a huge meeting room at the DG. It holds around 70 people. Why not get a REALLY prominent artist or art educator to speak in that room? Use the meeting to recruit new members and stimulate interest in old ones.
Next meeting time: October 1st

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