2008 January Meeting minutes

2008 January Meeting minutes

Member present: Achilles Kjeller, Liliann Ling, Gamilon DeCuir, Kristy Handrick


1. The InAEA discussion board is now been established. There are Announcement, Chatting Room, Before Meeting Discussion, Meeting minutes, Lesson Plans, and Articles sections. Some members use chatting room as a members introduction page. It is a very good idea. So, we are going to use the discussion board chatting room instead of the member page.

2. NAEA conference early bird registration is start from now till February 15.

3. InSEA Osaka conference proposal submission is starting now! The deadline for proposal submission is March, 31.

Discussion: How can we use the contemporary environment (such as SL, Youtube, Websites, Games, Animations, TV, Movies, Commercials, Magazines, Comic, and Digital Camera/DV)to help students creativity. A well designed lesson plans which includes newer technology may help students to improve their creativity. They should be made aware -all they know now are things like myspace for their own amusement – it is global because of the web V but not globally minded. If we expect that they will teach themselves about the resources and applications, will it involve culture and how does it involve media and life in general?

As much as we need to make things student centered and familiar, there are applications of what has been taught for decades and making the clear expectations for how they use the resources. Here are more and more places can help students to improve their creativity, however, there is one thing very important, they need to have good guidance

Giving students web resources and having them do research etc they put in papers that are submitted and discussed and topics are reflected upon and elaborated ideas are tightened up, I mean can you take something that’s already done.


How many of your students use myspace? But the current paradigm we have, does it allow for educators to teach students to do “myspace” well?

From what little I have seen – students need much instruction to make the best use of cyberspace I have seen many students who were not interested in school or art – really get excited when getting the chance to create on the computer – they get addicted. Instead of playing video games they can learn to make them.

The more visual the world becomes – the more room for artists and creativity

Sharing link: moodle http://moodle.org/

Field trip: Gothic Castle & Cemetery – , Kitaro (62, 178, 69)


1. Achilles Kjeller suggests that maybe we can use visual conversations on the website. Now the discussion board is the basic one, we can only use the images which already exist on the web. We cant up load images yet. I will try to figure it out as soon as possible.

2. How to make more people to join the meeting. Achilles Kjeller suggests that maybe we can have a book seminar. We can discuss a book in the meeting. (Please tell me what topic that you would like to discuss.)

Our next group meeting time will be February 3 (Sun). 6:00 PST (SL time), InAEA meeting place

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