2007 December Meeting Minutes

2007 December Meeting Minutes

Member present: Rhianwen Enzo and Kristy Handrick


1. Web-site. Have you seen the website? http://www.inaea.org Do you have any suggestion about the web-site? No matter the content or the design, please tell me. What elses we can add in the website? When you brows this website, do you feel any inconvenience? There is a page is for all our group members. If you want, you may email me (sandrinehan@gmail.com ) your basic information: Your name (RL/SL), your personal web-site, your photo (RL/SL), your field of interest, and one of your art. Everything is optional.

2. Discussion board. Because Yahoo discussion board didnt respond to me yet (if they did, there are too many things will be controlled by them), I am renting the new discussion board for the website now (we will use this at least for one year). You may register there! (The registration is easy; you only need to key in your user name (any user name you want to use!), password, and your email.) I will post the meeting minutes on the discussion board too. If you are not able to attend the meeting, you can also have the asynchronize discussion through the discussion board.

3. Chatting room. The chatting room in discussion board is for everyone to share all your experiences, feelings, information, and chat! If you need any help or have any suggestion, please dont be hesitate, just post it!

4. Presentations. The NAEA conference is coming soon. If your proposals have been accepted, and you would like to give a try/practice before the real presentation, you may do this in the next couple meeting time!

5. Keynote speaker. I always want to have a keynote speaker in our meeting. If you willing to be a keynote speaker please let me know. Maybe it can be an experience that can put in resume.

6. Next group meeting time: January 7, 6:00 PDT, in SL.

Discussion part is here [more] 


1. Publications, I am thinking maybe through the discussion board, we may have our own publications. I set up two sections; one is lesson plan, and another one article. We can do peer review, everyone can be one of the review committees. If one article been recommended by certain number of members, it can be put in the publication section in PDF format. If you want, we can also make your published article in the publication section that people can see your work online.

A. Question 1, besides lesson plan and article, what else we can publish?

B. Question 2, how many people need to recommend one article and it can be published?

C. Question 3, do I need to apply an ISSN number for the publication?

D. Any other thought relate to it?

2. What are other possibilities that this group can be? What are more we can do? What else you want this group to do for you?

3. Meeting time for 2008. I am so sorry that I will have class on Monday night next semester. Do you think Thursday will be a good day for us to meet? Or how about in the weekend? How about every month the first Sunday night 6 PDT?

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